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Best Indoor Activities for Toddlers - Apartment Living During Covid-19

Best Indoor Activities for Toddlers – Apartment Living

While most states are reopening soon or maybe has reopened already, some states continue to be on stay home order until June 1. Here are top ten indoor activities that my four year old twins find it fun and entertaining. These are also great indoor activities when outdoor activities are not possible such as when it’s raining.

1) Scavenger Hunt

My twins had so much fun as much as I did. I find it entertaining having them look for the items. They were occupied for about 30 minutes.

2) Play Doh or Dry Clay

There is something about the texture of play doh and clay that my twins can’t get tired of playing it. They love creating shapes and this helped them used their imagination. Probably most toddlers love play do perhaps due to the texture.

Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table, Arts & Crafts, Activity Table, Ages 3 and up 
3) Painting or Finger Painting

Toddlers like anything messy and gooey so painting is great idea for them. I usually let their imagination run wild with painting. I asked them what they’re creating while their painting to keep my interaction with them. 

ARTEZA Finger Paints for Toddlers, Nontoxic, Set of 30 Colors, 1 fl oz Containers, Washable, Kids Art Set, for Paper, Canvas & DIY Projects
4) Obstacle Course

This is another favorite thing do for my toddlers. They just love climbing, going under and jumping throughout the course. It is definitely a winner for them.

Hapinest Turtle Steps Balance Stepping Stones Obstacle Course Coordination Game for Kids
5) Cutting Papers with Scissors

I try to have them follow lines, shapes but they frustrated with it. Instead I just let them cut  to however they want to cut a piece of paper. Some toddler scissors are very dull and not really a great product for cutting. However, the scissors below are top notch and are great quality.

Fiskars 194900-1001 Pre-School Training Scissors
6) Glue Stick Activity

I cut different shapes for this activity and let them put it together to create such as house, train, rocket ship, etc. We also use leaves and flowers and glue it on the paper with a tree drawing. 

7) Morning Circle/Singing Time/Dance Party

Toddlers love to sing and dance period. Another added bonus doing this activity is having them learn something through songs. They learned their months of the year, days of the week during our circle/singing time.

8) Indoor Exercise

My toddlers love to follow and do what I do for exercise. This is only a good way for them to get their physical activity but also a great way for me to get my exercise.

9) Lego

This a favorite for most toddlers. Building, creating and just having them use their imagination with legos are genius.

10) Marble Run

Watching the marble runs from top to bottom is definitely fun for them. I guess it is the excitement that comes with it. I give them more than 2 marbles and they just love to see which marbles go down first. The marble run product below has marbles that might be too small for children under 3 years old.

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set – 150 Complete Pieces + Free Instruction App (85 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 65 Glass Marbles) 
11) Tape Trap then Rescue

The twins love taping their toys into a box then rescuing them after. The activity encourages fine motor skills, compositional choices, creative thinking, and more.

I hope that your tots will find these activities fun and entertaining just like my four year old twins.

Happy playing!



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